To snack or not to snack in between meals?

To snack or not to snack in between meals?

Sabrina at Nutritional Concepts offers a little advice on whether you should snack when you are trying to maintain a healthy balanced diet or lose some weight.


Is it okay to have a snack in between meals or should you cut out snacks altogether?

Usually when we think of losing weight the first thing we do is cut out all snacks. However, this may not always be the right thing to do!

It is wise to cut out snacks if the foods we are snacking on are high in fat and sugar. However,Snack cutting out all snacks may not help us to lose weight any faster. When it comes to losing weight it is very important to establish a regular eating pattern.

Actually snacks can form an important part of helping us to lose weight as long as it is the right type of snack and at the right time.

Snacks can help bridge the gap in between meals. There shouldn’t be long gaps in between meals as this slows the body’s metabolism down and you probably are more likely to have a larger meal as you will be hungrier.


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