Keep Food Healthy During the School Holidays

The school holidays are fast approaching and they can be associated with a lack of routine which can mean that there are more opportunities to eat more food more often. Here are some tips to avoid over-indulging in fatty, sugary, salty and pre-packaged foods that can be tempting alternatives during the holidays.

  • Encourage your kids to maintain their school-eating schedule. This can help to stop grazing between meals. Try to stick to a nutritious breakfast, lunch and dinner as well as healthy morning and afternoon snacks.
  • When packing the swimming gear or getting ready for the walk to the park, throw in some fresh fruit and vegetables to help with the hunger pangs.
  • Encourage your kids to drink more water, rather than fizzy drinks.
  • Focus on more activity to help counteract any increased food intake.
  • Keep kids occupied as much as possible. Boredom can play a big part in snacking, overeating and drinking.
  • Help make mealtimes fun. Let your kids help to plan and prepare a meal.

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