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Sports Nutrition

Nutritional Concepts - Sports NutritionGood nutrition is essential to perform at your best. It can help to delay fatigue, improve skill and concentration and prevent injury and illness. Good nutrition is essential to help you train, and recover from training and to help you compete and keep on competing.

Sabrina is eager to assist your team, or GAA club reach its peak performance. Nutritional Concepts provides up-to-date scientific based sports nutrition advice to suit their specific training needs. Nutritional Concepts can provide up-to-date scientific based sports nutrition education to clubs, teams and coaches, sports specific. Advice throughout the season includes; events preparation, training diets, information on sports drinks and hydration.

Nutritional Concepts aims to meet athletes and sportspeoples needs for energy and nutrition in order to:

  • Increase physical capacity
  • Improve performance in training and competition
  • Improve the effect of training sessions
  • Reduce the effect of over training
  • Improve the immune system and increase resistance to illness
  • Improve the ability to concentrate


Nutritional Concepts - Team SportsTo enhance and support the team environment, Nutritional Concepts can cater for your elite down to your developmental players. Group education and skill development sessions may involve cooking, supermarket shopping, and hydration assessments. Anthropometrical assessments can be undertaken on a regular basis to ensure the goals set by players and coaches alike are being met. Players will be assessed as to their nutritional intake and provided with ongoing support to enhance their adaptations to training and maximise their performance at each and every training session and game. Nutritional Concepts role within the team goes well beyond the individual players.


Nutritional Concepts - Elite AthletesIndividual athletes have their own specific goals, related to both performance and health. Nutritional Concepts can help you to achieve those goals faster and more effectively. We understand how time can be precious, and hours labouring in the kitchen or supermarket are not viable. We will spend time with you working through changes you could implement, and help you with the practical skills you require to make these changes quickly and easily.

We also appreciate individual food preferences; so we ensure that your training and competition eating plan tastes great as well.

School Sports

Nutritional Concepts - School SportsAt Nutritional Concepts we offer School Sports educational programmes devised to provide young athletes in the Carlow and Kilkenny areas with the knowledge and skills they will require to eat well for their sport. A one hour presentation is provided each term, including practical sessions on hydration, taste testing and cooking classes. All presentations incorporate skills such as decision making and reading and interpreting food labels. This program is easily adapted to your specific sport, age groups and the number of sessions required. The Nutritional Concepts School Sports programme can be offered on a group basis or as individual consultations to suit your needs.

One to One Appointments

Sabrina will carry out a full nutritional assessment to ascertain whether you have sufficient intake of all the essential nutrients especially energy, carbohydrate, protein, iron, antioxidants and fluid to best help you train and perform. Sabrina will devise an individual meal plan to suit your needs for training and competition. She will also measure your weight, height, % body fat and waist circumference, calculate your BMI and advise you on how best to meet your own individual weight gain or weight loss goals.

Group Sessions

Sabrina works with sports clubs providing both education sessions and workshops for players and coaches alike. Topics available include:

  • The essentials of sports nutrition
  • Vital hydration strategies
  • Learning how to get the timing and composition right for meals and snacks before, during and after exercise
  • Dietary supplements

Latest Blog Posts

We post regulary to our blog regulary to our blog with lots of nutrition tips and advice, recipes etc.

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What students eat and drink in the run up to their exams can affect their performance. Taking the time to eat healthily, get fresh air and exercise are very important preparations for a clear and focused mind during exam time. Nutrition Tips - Breakfast Skipping breakfast can mean loss of recall and concentration both detrimental […]

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Tips for Food Shopping when Trying to Lose Weight

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Healthy Easter Breakfast for Kids

Three ingredients, three steps to make these light pancakes within minutes! Ingredients: 3 eggs 250ml milk 125g plain flour Method: Beat eggs and milk together in large bowl, then beat in flour until batter is smooth. Lightly coat a 20cm frying pan on medium-high heat with cooking spray. Make one pancake at a time by […]

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10 Top Tips for Getting and Staying Physically Active

                                                              1. Get Moving. Take the stairs instead of the lift, Walk short journeys you have to make, get off the bus a stop early.        2. Start slowly and build up. Don’t try to do too much too soon. Instead, take a gradual approach, and build up your activity routine as you become fit.        3. […]

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Healthy Eating for the Christmas Party Season

It’s the Christmas party season again! How can we avoid putting on extra weight while having a great time? The following are some holiday eating tips to help you do just that so that you can still look good and be healthy in January. Don’t go to a party hungry.  We often eat faster and […]

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Nutrition tips to help avoid colds and flu

The cold and flu season has begun. While there is no way to cure the common cold or the flu, healthy eating during cold and flu season can help prevent you getting sick. Researchers have found positive links between immune function and components in food. Garlic may boost your immune system, increasing resistance to infection […]

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Healthy Halloween Treats

While researching for this Halloween blog I came across this recipe for Monster Mouths. They look really good and are also a healthy alternative to sweets and fizzy drinks. Follow this link for the recipe

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What is Glycaemic Index?

What is Glycaemic Index (GI)? Glycaemic Index is a measure of how high your blood sugar gets after eating a food. It was originally designed to help people with diabetes to make better food choices but research has found that it might be useful in helping people to get to and stay at a healthy […]

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Happy Heart Month

September is Happy Heart Month. Follow the link below to see the great work that is being done to promote your heart health by the fantastic organisation that is the Irish Heart Foundation.  

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Back to School – Healthy Packed Lunch Ideas

We all know how difficult it can be to come up with different, healthy and fun lunch box ideas – and that is why we end up packing up the same lunches over and over again! Packed lunches, just like any other meal, should have a balance of ingredients to fit in with healthy eating […]

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Nutrition Concepts - Sabrina Doyle

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Personal Consultation

Nutritional Concepts - Personal ConsultationNutritional Concepts aims to educate people in the Carlow and Kilkenny areas regarding diet and nutrition based on current scientific evidence. Whether someone requires specific medical advice, weight loss advice, sports nutrition or healthy eating guidelines, each person is dealt with on an individual basis.

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